Common Problem

Q: How to search for products?

A: SeeMe platform has tens of thousands of ready-made components. You can directly enter the original model number you need in the search box at the top of the webpage to search.You can also enter the page of the category you want through the paging directory, where you can perform parameter selection and search.

Q: What should I do if I can’t find the original model I need?

A: This platform provides goods adjustment services. If the original model you need cannot be found, you can contact online customer service for consultation.

Q: Can I issue an invoice for online shopping?

A: This platform issues value-added tax invoices to customers in accordance with national regulations. If you need to issue a special VAT invoice, please log in to this platform and upload the invoicing information in the personal center - My Invoice. After being reviewed and approved by the customer service, a special VAT invoice can be issued.

Q: I already have business dealings with your offline business department and enjoy the credit limit. Can I place an order online?

A: Yes. You only need to select business-to-business transfer as the payment method when settling the order. The sales staff of the offline business department will combine online orders with offline orders for processing.

Q: Our company needs to provide a contract when applying for payment. How to obtain it?

A: This platform provides contract export function. Contract: After your order is submitted and confirmed by customer service, you can find the corresponding order in [Personal Center]-[My Order]. After entering the order page, you can export the contract. However, the contract cannot be exported for unconfirmed orders.

Q: How to cancel an order?

A: You can cancel the order at any time after placing the order and before payment. After payment is completed and confirmed, if you need to cancel the order, please contact online customer service.