Return Process

SeeMe Technology Co., LTD All components are purchased from original manufacturers or agents through regular channels, ensuring original and authentic products. After you receive the goods, please check them in time. If you have any objections to the quantity, model, or quality of the goods, you should submit them in writing within 30 days from the date of receipt. Overdue objections will not be accepted.

What are the problems when signing the goods?

  • 1、Delivery door -to -door, goods -arriving payment order: When the courier is delivered to the door, please check the goods outer packaging in person in person. If the outer packaging is damaged, please do not sign it and contact the customer service staff of my mall. Once you confirm the signing, if the things are damaged after the disassembly is found, the accountable party will be quite passive.

  • 2、After the delivery is delivered to the door, please disassemble the outer packaging on the spot for a simple inspection. See if there are obvious deformation and damage. If you have any questions, please do not sign and contact our customer service staff.

  • 3、When receiving the material, check the material in time. The quantity and model are not consistent, and the materials are damaged. It should be reported in time within 30 days after receiving, and the overdue is not accepted.

Special Note:

  • If your order is paid with cash vouchers and the amount of refunding goods is greater than the actual payment amount, it will be refunded according to the actual payment amount.

  • If your order contains gifts, this service will not be provided.

  • If it is a complete set of products, you can only return the whole set.

  • If it is a bundled product, you need to return the gifts together while the withdrawal product.